Tue 21 March 2017


Do Not Be Swayed

Because there are a lot of questions that girls want to ask about dating, many turn to for the answers to their questions. What they must know is that they should have taken it easy. Puberty stage can be a lot to take in. There are surging of emotions that we often cannot cope up. Emotions like attraction are often too strong to be handled lightly by anyone who experienced it after they stepped on teenage years. However, it is normal to feel attracted to the opposite sex. We may even be attracted to different persons at once. The danger there is to give in to such fickle emotions and we would end up disaster in our first puppy love. A certain boy might even make us feel excited and make our pulse race, but we do not have to give in in that spur of the moment. We have to make sure that we are mature enough before giving our hearts to anyone. There is something to learn especially about romance. We have to remember that we must not get swayed by physical appearance. We have to look deeper which we cannot see through our eyes. We have to look for a good attitude. 

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